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Leader Cantor Talks About Growth and Innovation on CNBC's "Closing Bell"


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Fixing President Obama's Flight Delays: "It was always our belief that the FAA and the Administration had the legal authority to enforce the reductions in spending in a smart way. They came back and finally relented saying we're not going to keep this pressure on, as I think the original intention was, and went ahead and asked for the bill that just passed last week. Overall, the sequester in terms of across the board cuts, I don't think anybody chooses that way to go and reduce spending. But over and again, the House has tried to get the President to come along and join us with cuts that make sense. We all know we've got a spending problem, we've got to come together and try and address that so we can get this country back on to a growth track."

Solving Our Spending Problem: "In the House, we're hard at work trying to figure out what the best way forward is. Obviously, we're a country that pays its bills, but we also maintain a commitment to do something about the unfunded liabilities that keep mounting associated with the entitlement programs. We can all do this. We can get together and solve this problem. Hopefully, we'll see some success this summer."

Working On Comprehensive Tax Reform: "I think all of us would like to see comprehensive tax reform take place where we can actually make our code simpler, fairer and reduce rates so we can spur innovation and growth. The conference we're at, the Milken Global Forum, is all about innovation and growth. I think making priority innovation is where we ought to head in terms of tax reform and policy in D.C."

Creating An Ecosystem For Growth And Innovation: "We need some real commitment to free markets, real commitment to balance sensible regulations. Not just more regulation, but a commitment to having a competitive tax structure. Right now, we hear over and again that's an issue for American based multinationals and people looking to invest their capital here. I also think we need to focus on promoting an ecosystem for investment. We want investors to come here, allocate their capital to the United States to go and create wealth and build value."

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