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The Gosnell Trail

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FORTENBERRY. Mr. Speaker, sometimes it's just so bad that we don't even want to look at it. Sometimes it's just so awful we want to turn our face away. But we can't.

Shayquana Abrams was a 17-year-old when she went to see a doctor named Gosnell. He performed an abortion on her. Afterwards, she was diagnosed with a grapefruit-sized abscess and a clot near her heart. It took her 2 years to recover. She was just a child, Mr. Speaker.

This Dr. Gosnell waged his own private war on women. And for what? For profit.

Now, thankfully, he's on trial; and, thankfully, more and more people are learning about this.

Maybe, Mr. Speaker, we just don't want to look because it is so awful. Maybe it's challenging our very premises, our very understanding of what this choice for abortion really leads to. But we have to look, and we have to recognize how deeply we are inflicting wounds upon our very selves.

Mr. Speaker, women deserve better. Our Nation can do better. Why not help young women like Shayquana and let the healing begin?

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