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Fixing Democrat Problems III: FAA Flight Delays

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MEADOWS. Madam Speaker, this administration seems bound and determined to wield their sequester--automatic, across-the-board cuts--like a club in order to drive their political agenda. Their latest move? These politically motivated flight delays being felt by travelers at airports all across America.

The Federal Aviation Administration apparently believes that the only way to implement these cuts is to furlough thousands of traffic controllers, tying up the skyways all across this country. It would appear that they've missed the $2.7 billion in potential savings that they've chosen to ignore.

Did they really need to spend $325 million in travel costs, especially when their operation budget has already grown by 109 percent since 1996? These unnecessary flight delays are just the latest proof that this administration is clearly more interested in making a political point than coming up with serious solutions to the problems that our Nation faces.

We need to cut wasteful spending for more efficient, effective government that would foster a healthier economy and create jobs now.

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