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Governor Christie: This Is A Transformational Moment For Camden

Location: Unknown

Camden Mayor Dana Redd: To our Governor Chris Christie, and you've often heard him say this when we've stood side-by-side on matters of importance, of education, of Renaissance Schools, public safety and now public education. He's often talked about, listen, I didn't get but 28 votes out of Camden but that's not why I'm doing this.
Senate President Stephen Sweeney: It was actually 27.

Governor Chris Christie: You think so? Recount.

Camden Mayor Dana Redd: We're going to have a recount. But I have great respect for this man who can put partisan politics aside and put public policy first and put people first, and not to forget urban centers in New Jersey. So we want to thank you Governor for your continued partnership and support. Welcome our Governor, again, with a round of applause.

Governor Chris Christie: I truly believe this is a transformational moment for both the city of Camden and Camden County. Most importantly for the people, the children, the families, and the neighborhoods that they live in, here in Camden. What you and the Freeholder Board have done, led by Director Cappelli, took great courage, real conviction and perseverance to get us to this moment in time. A jumping off point to do something bold and necessary to address and expand upon the system that we have now, address those problems and bring law enforcement to the city, a city that deserves far better than what it's been getting. Let me emphasize, this was not about choosing sides in a labor management dispute or about bringing about change for the sake of change. This was about responsible, caring leaders recognizing some undeniable truths about Camden City's law enforcement needs. That we had calcified organization, failing in its basic, solemn obligation to serve and protect the people of this city. It was also about what a city trying hard to lift itself up and do what it could afford to do now and what it inspires to do in the years ahead. Through this agreement between the county and the city, we can now count on a larger, rejuvenated police force genuinely dedicated, I believe, to helping to restore neighborhoods, taking them back from criminals and making mothers and fathers comfortable in the simple pleasure and expectation of seeing their children safely playing in their own neighborhoods.

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