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Congressman Collins on Vote to End Sequester Furloughs for Air Traffic Controllers


Location: Unknown

Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) issued the following statement following the passage of legislation ending sequester furloughs for Air Traffic Controllers:

"Today's bipartisan vote will give the FAA the necessary flexibility it needs within its sequester budget to ensure that America's air traffic towers are fully staffed. I am glad President Obama and Senate Democrats decided to stop punishing the flying public by allowing this legislation to move forward."

"The House proposals to give flexibility to agencies across the board have gone nowhere in the Senate as the President continues to play politics with his sequester. His goal has always been to inflict pain on the public in an attempt to build an appetite for yet another round of tax increases to maintain the status quo. Americans do not have an appetite for more taxes but are hungry to see Washington actually pass a balanced budget and eliminate the wasteful spending that is an insult to hardworking taxpayers."

The Reducing Flight Delays Act permits the FAA to transfer $253 million to air traffic controller salaries and expenses and eliminates the need for further furloughs of controllers through the end of the fiscal year.

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