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Democrats Target Millions of Americans With Tax Increases


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A recent nonpartisan analysis of the President's 2014 Budget finds that nearly all Americans, regardless of income level, would be burdened with higher taxes. Rep. Tom Reed, concerned about the incessant demand for tax increases from Washington, highlighted the report Tuesday from the Tax Policy Center.

"The President and Democrats in Congress tell taxpayers they won't have to hand over more money to the government," Reed said. "But if the President and Democrats get their way, the vast majority of families in our communities will have to open their wallets again to dole out more money to Washington."

The analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that revenue proposals in the President's 2014 budget raises taxes on families of nearly all income levels, despite the President and Congressional Democrats' claim that their policies only raise taxes on the wealthiest.

"What we have here is another example of DC rhetoric," Reed continued. "Their pledge to "protect' the middle class from tax increases is a campaign pledge and clearly not a pledge they intend to adhere to when legislating. To see they are now abandoning rhetoric that they will not raise taxes on those earning less than $200,000 per year should send a red flag to taxpayers of all income levels. It's no longer the "other guy" Democrats say they want to raise taxes on -- it's everyone."

Even before the White House budget was released, the President and Senate Democrats raised taxes on all Americans at the beginning of the year with the payroll tax increase.

"If they were truly concerned about the long-term fiscal health of our country, they would accept the reality that tax increases are not helping to get our economy moving," Reed continued. "Despite countless tax increases, an unacceptable unemployment rate, and a national debt exceeding $16.7 trillion, the President and Congressional Democrats continue to promote a failed policy."

"There is a better way for our country to grow, and that is through job creation and addressing the true cause of the debt problem: Washington spending."

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