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Second Amendment Rights

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. COLLINS of New York. I want to thank both the gentlewoman and gentleman from Missouri for their comments.

Mr. Speaker, I come to the House floor this afternoon to stand in support of the Second Amendment. I also proudly stand here in support of all the law-abiding gun owners in New York's 27th Congressional District and all across our country.

As a father and a grandfather, the recent violent tragedies in our country have left my heart heavy. But as a gun owner with a carry permit, I proudly carry my dad's Ithaca .45 from World War II. As a Member of Congress representing thousands of law-abiding gun owners, I join my colleagues and say we refuse to allow these tragedies to be used for political gain.

These recent crimes should not be used as a pretense to weaken our constitutional rights. And law-abiding citizens should not fall victim to additional laws and regulations which have no impact on reducing crime.

Let us not kid ourselves. What was recently proposed in the Senate and what has recently become law in my home State of New York would have done nothing to prevent the Newtown or Christmastime shootings of firefighters in Webster, a community just outside my district.

I strongly support the Second Amendment and the right of an individual to protect themselves and their family. The actions of depraved killers should not punish law-abiding gun owners. And the actions of this Congress should not pick away at the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.


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