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Real Tax Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. REED. Mr. Speaker, I thank my colleague from Oklahoma for organizing this important topic and this conversation tonight.

Mr. Speaker, I believe in an America that is fair. I believe in an America where the rules are simple, so that hardworking taxpayers in America understand what those rules are, and they're not subject to the jeopardy of violating the rules because they're too complicated.

I believe in an America where it's not judging a person by whom they know but, rather, who they are. And, Mr. Speaker, why I start my conversation with those beliefs is because we need to apply those beliefs to getting rid of this broken, complicated Tax Code that we have in America. What we have is a Code that is not simple, that is not fair, that is way too complicated. That's why I believe in going through commonsense tax reform for the purposes of coming up with a simple, fair, and reasonable Tax Code so that people can fill out their own taxes.

As my colleague from Oklahoma rightfully points out, people are spending billions of dollars on tax preparers, third parties, and millions of hours--that can otherwise go to their businesses or to their families--to fill out a tax return that they can't understand because the rules are too complicated.

Also, we have to end what we came here to Washington, D.C., to do, my colleague from Oklahoma and myself of this freshman class in November, 2010, and that is having our country under the control of the special interests and creating those loopholes in the Tax Code that go to narrowly tailored people because of whom they know.

We want a Tax Code, I want a Tax Code, and I know my colleagues on the Ways and Means Committee want a Tax Code that promotes growth, that promotes economic opportunity, that promotes the opportunity for us to be competitive on the world stage. Because when America competes on a world stage in a competitive market, we win. We have the best workers. We have the best technology. We have freedom. We have the rule of law. We need to do commonsense tax reform for the purposes of putting us in a position where we can create the jobs today and for generations to come, because we will then create a fair, level playing field that allows us to start building things in America, allows us to put people to work for generations to come.

So I appreciate my good friend from Oklahoma bringing this issue to the forefront and having this conversation tonight, and I know he's bringing forth a copy of the Code and the regulations. And all you have to do is look at that colossal piece of paper, or reams of papers, books of papers, 70,000 pages of statutory tax and regulation. We in America can do better. We as House Republicans demand us to do better. And we will do better under the leadership that House Republicans are doing in the Ways and Means Committee and as a Conference to make sure that we end up with a Code that is simple, fair, and no longer riddled with loopholes, big government handouts, big government subsidies. That's the principle of tax reform for the Republican side of the aisle.


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