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Energy Independence

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. REED. I so appreciate the gentleman yielding time, my good friend from Colorado.

Mr. Speaker, I join this conversation tonight coming at it from a perspective of being the chair of the Natural Gas Caucus and cochair of the Manufacturing Caucus here in Washington, D.C., caucuses that have cochairs on a bipartisan basis, where we're working together to try to figure out how we can become energy independent, but more importantly, Mr. Speaker, what this issue represents for the average American family.

What this represents, when we are developing domestic energy sources such as the natural gas boom across America that's coming out of our shale formations and our tight sands formation when it comes to oil, what this represents to manufacturing is it puts American manufacturers in a competitive position so that they can invest in manufacturing facilities here on American soil.

So what does that mean? What that means to every man, woman, and child out there in America right now is that we are sitting on the precipice of a manufacturing renaissance in America. This competitive edge that we are getting from developing our natural gas and oil resources here in America means that we're going to build plants. They're going to be putting people back to work for today and tomorrow and for generations to come.

We need to build things in America. That's what this represents. We have a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers: by 2025, we are talking 1 million manufacturing jobs.

There should be no dispute in this Chamber to join hands to make sure we develop the energy resource in a safe and responsible manner, but develop it for the sake of creating those jobs that put food on people's tables, put a roof over their heads, and take care of families for generations to come.

I appreciate my good friend from Colorado yielding the time to me today. I just have to say, American energy means Americans' national security, and it means American prosperity for Americans of today and tomorrow.


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