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FAA Flight Delays

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mrs. WAGNER. Mr. Speaker, we have seen these political games played before with sequestration, and the American people have responded unfavorably every time. This decision to furlough air traffic controllers by the FAA is no different.

Staff shortages as a result of these furloughs led to more than 2,250 flight delays in the first 2 days alone, greatly--greatly--inconveniencing the schedules of many people trying to travel across our country. These delays are all unnecessary.

There are $2.7 billion in nonpersonnel operational costs that the House Transportation Committee has identified and which could be examined before furloughs that ultimately hurt the American people. The FAA and this administration have decided to inconvenience the American traveler instead of using its flexibility within the agency to enact these cuts in a responsible manner.

When air traffic controllers are being furloughed, yet workers helping implement ObamaCare have been unaffected, it becomes clear on where this administration's priorities are.

I am very concerned with Democrats using this latest example of a manufactured crisis to cut workers, not waste.

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