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Hastings' Statement on Senators' Discussion Draft of Nuclear Waste Legislation


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Doc Hastings released the following statement on the bipartisan group of U.S. Senators' draft legislative proposal for comprehensive nuclear storage that was unveiled yesterday:

"Yucca Mountain is the national repository under the law. Legislative efforts like this that circumvent Yucca Mountain and support the Obama Administration's illegal shutdown of Yucca Mountain will be met with my strongest opposition.

Distracting focus from a permanent repository through interim storage gimmicks, taking us back to square one with an unrealistic siting process, and punting a permanent repository off until 2048 is wholly unacceptable.

A $12 billion facility designed to vitrify Hanford's high-level tank waste so that it can be sent to Yucca Mountain is nearly 70 percent complete. The longer Yucca Mountain is delayed, the longer waste will remain at Hanford. Hanford has long provided interim storage for the majority of our nation's defense nuclear waste -- and it will continue to serve as an interim storage site until Yucca Mountain is finished.

This legislation solves a political problem for one Senator to the detriment of Hanford cleanup, of nuclear power, and of American taxpayers."

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