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Truth Telling With Flight Delays

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. RIBBLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to give the American people some truth telling about what is going on with the FAA and flight delays. We have been told this is all the result of the sequester. And yet in 2001, there were about 30,000 takeoffs per day in the United States, and they did that with about $6 billion worth of funding. Today, takeoffs are only 20,000 a day, and they have $10 billion of funding. In 2001, there were 14,000 air traffic operators, and today there are 14,000 air traffic operators.

So if it's not a demand problem because demand went down, if it's not a people problem because they have the same people, and it's not a resource problem because they have about 100 percent more money, what is the problem?

I contend to you, Mr. Speaker, it's a political problem. It's time to tell the administration to stop playing politics with the American people.

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