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Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. THOMPSON of California. Madam Chair, I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I thank both the ranking member and the chairman for their good work on this measure and for including all of us in trying to build a better product.

Clearly, the threat of a devastating cyber attack is real and, as has been mentioned by a number of previous speakers, can't be understated. Advanced cyber attacks from China and other nation-state actors are stealing hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of cutting-edge research and development from our U.S. companies and even from our Federal Government. That's why it's essential that the business community and the Federal Government work together to share cyber threat information for the purpose of protecting the American people from the fallout of cyber attacks and cyber hackers.

While it's important that we protect against the threat of cybersecurity, it's equally as important that we recognize the responsibility to protect the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. Though I support H.R. 624, both for the fact that it is important that we address these issues and because I believe it needs to be moved on and we can get it in conference committee with the Senate bill, I remain somewhat concerned that the bill as drafted could lead to the broad sharing of consumer information which in turn could be used in ways unrelated to combating cybersecurity threats.

I emphasize ``could be used.''

Already the chair and the ranking member have accepted and we've incorporated a series of provisions in this bill that I authored that would minimize the sharing of some personally identifiable information, that would limit permissible uses of information which would be shared under this bill, and that would insist on a number of reporting requirements that will ensure Congress' ability to provide the necessary oversight of this program.


Mr. THOMPSON of California. So, taken together, these provisions will improve the transparency and the accountability of this bill. However, notwithstanding these important changes, the bill is not perfect. Given the significance of this threat and the commitment of everyone to continue to work together, I strongly urge my colleagues to support this bill and to move it out of the House. Let's get the thing to conference. Let's get the best bill possible, get it signed into law, and work together to protect the American people.


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