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Leader Cantor: Putting Forward Conservative Principles to Help People First


Location: Washington, DC

"We in the House remain committed to putting our conservative principles first to help people first. Today on the floor, we are working on the Helping Sick Americans Now Act from Representative Joe Pitts, that helps people by stopping ObamaCare funding and helping sick people who can't get insurance and have pre-existing conditions.

"When we get back, after the district work period next week, we are going to be taking up Representative Martha Roby's bill, the Working Families Flexibility Act. It helps working moms and dads by taking away the government impediment to employers and employees, so they can enter a voluntary employment arrangement where they can get comp-time instead of time-and-a-half overtime in order to go to pediatrician appointments, PTA meetings and the rest.

"Then we'll see this week, with the introduction of the Kids First Research Act, putting conservative principles to work by saying that we don't believe the federal government should be funding political conventions. Instead, isn't it more of a priority for us to fund medical research to help cure disease for kids?"

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