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Rockefeller Says Senate Cyber Solutions Are Right Approach


Location: Washington, DC

Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV today commented on the path forward for cybersecurity legislation in the Senate. Rockefeller believes that meaningful cybersecurity legislation will include information sharing, improving the security of our nation's most critical systems, increasing research and development for new cyber technologies, educating and training a workforce for 21st century challenges, and improving public awareness of cyber threats.

"Today's action in the House is important, even if CISPA's privacy protections are insufficient. We need action on all the elements that will strengthen our cybersecurity, not just one, and that's what the Senate will achieve. I plan to work with Senator Thune, as well as the Chairmen and Ranking Members on other Committees of jurisdiction, to go through regular order. I believe we can gain bipartisan agreement on bills that we can report out of our Committees and allow Leader Reid to bring them to the Senate floor as early as possible. There is too much at stake -- our economic and national security -- for Congress to fail to act."

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