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Hearing of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs - Examining the Implications of the Affordable Care Act on VA Healthcare


Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Chairman and Ranking Member, it's an honor to serve on this committee.

I thank you for holding this hearing on such an important issue for our veterans.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148, PPACA) is a law shrouded in uncertainty. The complex implementation of PPACA raises questions that do not always have concrete answers.

For the 50,000 veterans back in Indiana's Second Congressional District , and the approximately 22,000,00 veterans overall in this country, the PPACA could greatly impact how and where they receive their health care. These veterans will undoubtedly be forced to decide where they can access the best care that addresses their unique situation.

The Department of Veterans Affairs must be prepared to handle these changes. They must be vigilant as the PPACA is enacted and be responsive to veteran concerns. Most importantly, the VA must provide answers that ensure greater clarity and not further confusion.

I look forward to working with my colleagues and our panelists, today, to ensure the Department of Veterans Affairs is prepared for the impact the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will have on their health care system.

Thank you.

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