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McCaul: Obama Budget Threatens Economic, National Security


Location: Unknown

"The fact that the President has not changed his approach in four years tells us he is either satisfied with a mediocre economy, or that his commitment to political posturing for the midterms is greater than his commitment to Americans who need jobs and to businesses that create them. His budget reflects a choice to weaken our national and homeland defenses by refusing to address our crippling debt, limiting our flexibility in a time of crisis. We must reform entitlements to bring down our debt and we must minimize the tax burden on families and small businesses.

"It is bad enough that the President has offered more of the same--higher taxes, out-of-control spending and a budget that never balances--which Democrats and Republicans have rejected time and time again. It is worse that for the first time in modern history, the President's budget is not just bad, it is irrelevant, arriving months late, in violation of the law. This is a low-point for presidential leadership at a time when America needs it the most."

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