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Brady Calls out FAA over Flight Delays Landing Sunday


Location: Washington, DC

The Department of Transportation announced late Thursdaythat Air Traffic Controller furloughs and runway closings will begin on Sunday, because they have "done everything to find a billion dollars."

"They want you to wait at the gate while they hold press conferences to convince you there is no possible way this government can save some of your hard-earned tax dollars," said Texas Congressman Kevin Brady. "The truth of the matter is that instead of cutting consultants, conferences, executive travel and staff parties out of their rapidly growing budget, they made a cynical, political decision to close runways and send air traffic controllershome. Why? So fliers will feel maximum pain over these minor sequester savings."

"How does this -- or the President's recent budget proposal's unprecedented number of higher aviation taxes and fees -- make our skies safer?" asked Brady who says the White House could direct the FAA to cut wasteful spending instead of putting families and business travelers in an unnecessary holding pattern.

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