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A Tale of Two Cities

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress have just come back now from 2 weeks of recess being at home. And group after group after group that I spoke with talked about exactly the same thing that the previous speaker and others are talking about, and that is jobs, job creation, and the opportunity for our children, and sometimes our spouses, to get back into the jobs marketplace.

I remind the people of Dallas, Texas, that there's really a tale of two States or two cities. One is Dallas, Texas, and the other is Chicago, Illinois, the State of Illinois vs. Texas.

Texas, over the last few years, has created more jobs than the other 49 States combined. The reason why we've done this is because we chose not to do the path that Illinois has done, and that is, raising taxes, lowering job expectations and performance, and the ability for people to want to invest in that State and their future.

Mr. Speaker, that's exactly the same background and philosophy that our President and Democrats are having to run jobs out of America. I stand for the Texas model, lowering taxes and making sure we have jobs.

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