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Culberson Statement on The REAL Space Act


Location: Unknown

I co-sponsored the RE-asserting American Leadership in Space Act (The REAL Space Act) again this Congress because I believe it is critical for NASA to have a bold vision for space exploration, one that the President has failed to provide.

Johnson Space Center would flourish with a declared mission to return to the Moon by 2022. There are many questions that must be answered about sustaining human life on an extraterrestrial surface and utilizing resources in space that must be answered if we are to continue onto Mars. Johnson has lead the way throughout our America's history as a space faring nation and will continue to lead as we seek to explore deeper into our solar system.

The burst of enthusiasm sparked by the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars last year proved that America's space program has the power to captivate the world. However, without strong leadership and adequate funding, our space program will atrophy. I have also introduced legislation that would restructure NASA to make NASA more professional and less political, freeing them up to pursue our universe's most pressing questions.

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