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E-Newsletter - Down the Rabbit Hole of Debt


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends:

The President submitted his budget this week -- more than two months late -- and unfortunately for American families, it's more of the same. "More" as in more taxes, more spending and more debt.

Specifically, President Obama's budget:

1) Increases mandatory federal spending by 5.2% annually.

2) Adds $8.2 Trillion in new debt (at a staggering cost of $60,980 per-American family).

3) Never balances and makes it more difficult for hardworking Americans to find jobs.

The President's budget not only fails to address spending and the debt, it makes it worse.

Families in Illinois and across America know the consequences of living with debt.

Credit card debt, mortgages and student loans are just a few of the common things working families and young adults live with -- and budget for -- every month.

Washington must do the same.

Please take a moment to watch my One Minute speech from the House Floor this morning on how the debt is impacting American families TODAY. We must come together and act BOLDLY to implement meaningful solutions that bring Americans together and restore jobs and opportunity for every family.

Sincerely Yours,

Randy Hultgren
Member of Congress
14th District, Illinois

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