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The President's Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I too adhere to the Second Amendment, as all of us do. I can assure the gentleman that anything we do with sensible gun legislation that will protect the lives of babies whose lives were lost in Newtown and Aurora and Virginia Tech and Columbine will be fair and just. I hope my colleagues in the Senate will hear from those of us who are sending him a letter: no filibuster, but real gun-sensible legislation.

Let me turn to the budget and indicate that it is important that we rid ourselves of the sequester and ask the Speaker to put on the floor H.R. 900. I think it is good that the President has saved dollars out of the Iraq and Afghan war of over $1 billion and provided security for embassies and $222 million for gun legislation enforcement, but we must not have to change CPI.

Many people don't realize that in this instance of Social Security seniors are paying more money for health care.

They will not be able to compensate. Those who are poor and vulnerable will be worst off after the changed CPI.

I join with many, many Members of the United States Congress to say we can make Social Security solvent, Medicare solvent and Medicaid solvent, but we must not have to change CPI. I oppose it and many others.

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