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Keystone Pipeline

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WEBER of Texas. It has been 1,677 days, Mr. Speaker, that have passed since we first started discussing the Keystone pipeline, a project that would create--depending on whose numbers you use--2,000 to 20,000 jobs; $2.05 billion in worker salaries; and $65 million in local tax revenue.

On Friday, I sent a letter to the State Department demanding action on the Keystone pipeline. The project is in the best interest of all Americans. Up to 83,000 barrels of oil per day could be delivered to gulf coast refineries, which is equal to roughly half of the amount of oil we import from the Middle East.

My question for the President and Secretary Kerry is this: What is the holdup? Seventy percent of Americans want this project because they understand that it is a step closer for this country to energy independence and security.

I hope the President and Secretary Kerry are listening because it is time to build this country.

I'm Randy Weber, and I love living in America.

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