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Meeting Our Debt Crisis for American Families

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HULTGREN. Mr. Speaker, the President submitted his budget this week. His plan not only fails to get control of our debt, it makes it even worse--to the tune of nearly $61,000 of debt for every American family.

American families know the consequences of living with debt. Credit card debt, mortgages, and student loans are just a few of the burdens working families and young adults struggle with--and budget to get out of--every month. Washington must do the same.

Our national debt eats away at the buying power of working families, seniors on fixed incomes, and students working their way through school, leading to higher prices for things like bread and milk and eroding hard-earned family savings.

We owe our families better. Politicians have talked long enough in Washington about tackling our debt. It's time for the President to get serious about the national debt and join us in putting our priority back on jobs and opportunity for American families. By acting boldly, we can translate talk into meaningful results.

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