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War on Coal

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. RODNEY DAVIS of Illinois. I'd like to thank the gentleman from Kentucky for doing this Special Order tonight, and it's an honor for me to also follow my colleague from Indiana (Mr. Bucshon), who talked about his hometown of Kincaid, Illinois, and talked about the importance growing up of coal mining in that community.

I represent Kincaid, Illinois, right now in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois, and just over 20 years ago, these miners lost their jobs because of deliberations and the eventual stroke of a pen here in Washington, D.C. It became cheaper to import coal from the western United States to burn at the power plant across the street from this coal mine where these miners worked than it was to dig it out from underground, ship it on an electronic conveyor belt across the street, and burn it. Over 1,200 miners that day lost their job.

Those were Congressman Bucshon's friends. Those were my friends' parents. It hit our local economy harder than anything we had seen. Our local economy has since recovered, but we cannot forget that these deliberations in this great body have an impact on all of America's families. And these coal miners of 20 years ago are no different than the coal mining families of today, and we need to make sure we think of them every single time we see this war on coal, that we stand together, Mr. Barr, and fight.

Thank you.


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