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Climate Change

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. RUSH. Mr. Speaker, Ranking Member Waxman and I have sent 24 letters to Chairman Upton of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Chairman Whitfield of the Energy and Power Committee since May 2011 requesting hearings on the science of climate change.

Mr. Speaker, since Mr. Waxman and I are not able to get the majority on the Energy and Commerce Committee to act, I take it upon myself to come to the House floor to speak directly to the American people on why this issue is so important to them. Power to the people.

Mr. Speaker, last year, 2012, marked the hottest year ever recorded in U.S. history. Fully two-thirds of our Nation experienced drought. Half of the Nation's grazing pastures and up to 30 percent of the Nation's corn crop was in poor condition, or in very poor condition, which impacted the price that the American people pay for their food, for ethanol, and for consumer goods for all of the American people.

Mr. Speaker, just because some of my colleagues might not like what the science is telling us, it does not mean that they can continue to put their collective heads in the sand and simply ignore these facts or wish these facts away.

Last year's record temperatures, serious droughts, pervasive wildfires, and widespread flooding prove that there is climate change occurring all around us on a regular basis continually.

And Mr. Speaker, the majority ignores climate change, not at some of our peril, not at a portion of our peril, not at a minority of our peril, but all of our perils are being impacted because of the majority's refusal to simply have the scientists come before the committee of jurisdiction and tell this Congress, in no uncertain terms, what is really happening to the world's climate.

Mr. Speaker, these very same scientists, these experts, these people who have spent and dedicated their lives to understanding climate and climate control and what is happening, these climatologists are waiting, they're willing, and they're eager to come before this Congress to share their information and their expertise with the Members of this Congress. The scientists are sounding the alarm and informing us that we are reaching a critical tipping point as it relates to this very important issue of climate control.

Mr. Speaker, my prayers are for the people of Boston, my prayers are for the people in Boston, and my prayers are for the American people. All power to the people.

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