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State Agencies Have Reduced Energy Use by More than 21 Percent Since 2008, Gov. Nixon Announces

Press Release

Location: Jefferson City, MO

Missouri state agencies have reduced energy use by more than 21 percent since Gov. Jay Nixon signed an executive order in 2009 directing agencies to reduce their energy use by two percent each year. In calendar year 2012, state agencies had reduced their total energy use by 21.67 percent compared to 2008 and by 12.35 percent compared to 2011.

"My administration is committed to making state government more efficient, effective and responsive," Gov. Nixon said. "By reducing energy use in state buildings through innovation and conservation, we are protecting our natural resources and being good stewards of taxpayer dollars."

In April 2009, Gov. Nixon signed Executive Order 09-18, requiring all state agencies whose building management falls under the purview of the Office of Administration to implement policies that will reduce their energy use by two percent each year for the next 10 years. After the first four years of implementing Executive Order 09-18, the Governor's administration has achieved the following reductions:

- Decreased electricity use by 49,184,396 KWH (kilo-watt hours). This decrease is a 13.6 percent reduction compared to the 2008 baseline. That's enough to power 3,700 Missouri households for an entire year, and the equivalent of reducing annual CO2 emissions by 46,000 tons.
- Decreased propane and natural gas use by 616,818 MMBTU. This decrease represents a 33.49 percent overall reduction compared to 2008 - enough to fuel 25,000 hot water heaters for an entire year.

The energy-reduction efforts implemented by Gov. Nixon's Office of Administration include:

- Using in-house staff to upgrade lighting at various state facilities;
- Applying for incentives offered by utility companies to make upgrades;
- Adjusting thermostats to save energy during both the heating and cooling seasons; and
- Working to retro-commission HVAC and automation systems to eliminate simultaneous heating and cooling as much as possible, and to ensure that equipment operation is scheduled to take place in conjunction with building occupancy.

The Office of Administration carefully monitors energy use at state facilities and implements strategies to reduce energy consumption at specific facilities, such as changes in lighting, heating and cooling. A computer monitoring system is also used by OA to track and evaluate consumption at facilities across the state.

The Office of Administration has 3,200 buildings statewide under its responsibility, totaling 22,612,050 square feet of office space.

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