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Broun to Obama: "Is this budget some kind of joke?'


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. today sent out the following statement after President Obama released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2014:

"I have one question for the President about his budget: "Is this some kind of a joke?' It's unbelievable that whenever the President puts forth any sort of proposal, his mentality is simply to recycle ideas that have already been soundly rejected by the American people. Even worse than containing absolutely no new substance, his budget never balances -- ever.

"What it does do, however, is levy $1.1 trillion in new taxes on the backs of every single person in this country. This comes as no surprise, as raising taxes has become the President's answer for every dilemma we face as a nation. This new massive tax hike would be in addition to $1 trillion in Obamacare taxes and more than $600 billion in increased taxes passed as part of the "fisal cliff deal' in January. As if the American people aren't taxed enough right now.

"Moreover, it wouldn't be an Obama budget without plans for vast amounts of new spending - $964 billion above current projected growth to be exact. The President proposes new spending on projects that already failed to create jobs or revenue under Stimulus Part I and Part II. This includes $50 billion on infrastructure, $40 billion for a high-speed rail, and billions more to bail out state and local governments.

"And as usual, the President's budget leaves our most vulnerable -- seniors and the unemployed -- high and dry. His plan doesn't make any significant policy reforms to save programs for our elderly. It doesn't make any mention of building the Keystone Pipleline to create jobs. And it doesn't repeal the medical device tax to provide assistance to millions of doctors and patients nationwide.

"Last year, not a single Member of the House or Senate supported the President's budget. It is my hope that my colleagues and the American people send the same message to him again this year; that his policies don't work and we're ready for some fresh ideas."

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