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Blog: Laying Down the L.A.W. - Remembering the Iron Lady


Location: Unknown

By Rep. Lynn Westmoreland

Today we lost a conservative giant with the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Dubbed the "Iron Lady" by a Soviet journalist, she held true to her nickname. She was uncompromising, and fought hard to enact policies to decrease the control of the government in England over the private sector. During her tenure, she lowered taxes, helped to end many of the high-priced government subsidies in the United Kingdom, privatized many of the state-owned companies, and took on labor unions.

She served three terms as Prime Minister and led England through some of its more difficult problems in the modern era, including economic recession and the Falklands Island War in 1982. She also led the country during the fall of Communist Russia and worked closely with then-President Ronald Regan to help bring down the Berlin Wall.

She was a phenomenal leader, a role model for conservatives everywhere, and she will certainly be missed. Joan and I send our thoughts and prayers not only to her family and friends but to the people of the United Kingdom who have lost a great woman yesterday.

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