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Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I oppose H.R. 1120. This is just a naked attempt to neuter the National Labor Relations Board. This is done in concert with the United States Senate, which refuses to confirm any nominees by the President to the NLRB, and in concert also with the right-wing ideologues on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, who have gone against 150 years of practice by Democratic and Republican Presidents alike in appointing through the recess appointment constitutional process.

Now we have the U.S. Congress, the House of Representatives, with this H.R. 1120, Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act. This would straitjacket workplace fairness and hurt middle class workers. It would also create uncertainty, interfere with judicial proceedings still on appeal, and undermine the NLRB's core functions.

This is a bill that's anti-worker, it's obstructionist, and it represents the machinations of a Republican Party more interested in impeding the NLRB and blindly attacking this administration at every opportunity than finding solutions to unemployment.

This bill represents a party that has lost touch with middle class values, and I urge my colleagues to vote against it.


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