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The Fine Line Between Choice and Murder

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. LANKFORD. Mr. Speaker, in a historic red brick building in Philadelphia, a man and his staff performed thousands of abortions under horrid conditions, which has led to a murder trial which is currently under way for seven children and one adult. Some children were torn apart with surgical instruments in the womb. Some mothers were given abortion-inducing drugs and were seated on a toilet until they delivered their baby into that toilet. Other women had their labor induced; and when they delivered, an assistant flipped the baby over and used the scissors to cut their spinal cord.

The horrific murder of innocent children was repeated over and over again in the clinic; but amazingly enough, only the children fully out of the womb are considered murder victims. Can someone explain to me how the children of the same age, size, and development, who were still in the womb when they were torn to pieces by surgical instruments, are not victims of murder, but those who were delivered and then their spinal cord was cut three feet from their mother are victims of murder?

I will never understand the strained logic that says if a child is killed where you cannot see them in the womb, it's choice; but if you kill that child in the daylight, it's murder.

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