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Murphy Co-Sponsors Bipartisan Bill to Keep Air Traffic Control Towers Open


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Patrick E. Murphy (FL-18) announced his cosponsorship of H.R. 1432, the Air Traffic Control Tower Funding Act, which would reallocate existing FAA funds to maintain contractor-operated air traffic control towers, including Witham Field's. This bill was introduced by Reps. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Bruce Braley (D-IA), and Richard Hudson (R-NC) and would use existing, unobligated FAA funds to ensure that 149 towers that were slated for closure due to sequestration remain open through the end of the fiscal year. (Please click here to view the text of the legislation).

"I strenuously objected to the closing of Witham Field's tower because it plays a vital role on the Treasure Coast, safeguarding flights, passengers, and ground structures by coordinating the hazardous mixture of jets and prop planes that use Witham Field and by keeping the airspace adjacent to Palm Beach International Airport safe," said Rep. Murphy. "This bipartisan bill would allow Witham and 148 other towers across the country to remain open for the rest of the fiscal year while Congress works to replace the sequester with a balanced, long-term budget that cuts the deficit without sacrificing essential government services."

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