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Ross: We Must Be Serious About Protecting Americans' Hard-Earned Money


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) issued the following statement after President Obama released his budget this morning:

"Today, President Obama released his budget plan.

"We are $16 trillion in debt. The president's budget ignores our biggest problem, which is spending. His budget would impose more than $1.1 trillion in new taxes on Americans and would increase the deficit by $61 billion this year. Washington takes all of its money from hard-working taxpayers, and the president wants to take and spend even more. We need to change the way Washington does business.

"Last month, my colleagues in the House and I passed a budget that cuts wasteful spending, fixes our broken tax code, protects and strengthens Medicare, and reforms welfare programs like Medicaid.

"The president's budget is over two months late and moves us in the wrong direction. By working with the House and implementing the budget we passed, together the president and Congress can show the American people that we are serious about protecting their hard-earned money and spending it wisely."

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