Boston Marathon Attack

Floor Speech

By:  Judy Chu
Date: April 17, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. Imagine what the front page of The Boston Globe should have looked like yesterday: marathon winners jubilantly accepting medals; throngs of people triumphantly crossing the finish line; bystanders passing out Gatorade; families and friends cheering on loved ones. Instead, the front page depicted a war zone.

This vicious, senseless attack left nearly 200 people injured, some critically, and three dead. My heart breaks for everyone affected, and justice must be served.

But even this dark act couldn't blot out the examples of love, compassion, and selflessness on display. Volunteers and officers raced to aid blast victims. Marathon runners continued running--straight to the nearest hospital to donate blood. And thousands of people opened their homes to athletes who had nowhere else to go.

These are the stories that define us as a Nation. This is the spirit that no terrorist attack will break.

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