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Bill Johnson Statement on President Obama's Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) released the following statement responding to President Obama's 2014 fiscal year budget.

"Earlier today, President Obama released his budget that, by law, was due two months ago. Because of the delay, I held out some optimism that he was taking his time to release a serious plan that would tackle the biggest problem in Washington: his out of control spending. Unfortunately, the President's budget contains $580 billion in new taxes, and proposes even more spending. Worse, it fails to put Washington on the path toward a balanced budget. With a $16.8 trillion national debt, and our children and grandchildren's economic security at stake, this budget is not acceptable.

"Bigger government, higher taxes, and more debt is not sustainable, and the President's plan further hamstrings our economy. Along with my House colleagues, I voted for the Path to Prosperity Budget, which balances in 10 years, and preserves and protects vital programs for seniors like Medicare -- without raising taxes on anyone. The Path to Prosperity Budget is a fiscally responsible budget, and offers us a sustainable path forward, unlike President Obama's budget which, unfortunately, is just more of the same tired old policies.

"The time is now to restore the American dream, and the promise that was left to us -- a better life than our parents had, and a better future for our children and grandchildren. By adopting the common-sense solutions in the House Republican budget, America's economy will grow and create much needed jobs," said Bill Johnson.

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