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Rep. Slaughter Urges President Obama To Remove Chained CPI From Budget Proposal


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The President's budget does some very positive things -- it ends the misguided sequester cuts that are already hurting job growth, raises the minimum wage so no one who works full time will have to live in poverty, provides for universal Pre-Kindergarten by raising taxes on tobacco products that hurt our children, invests in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and eliminates special tax breaks and loopholes.

However, I am deeply opposed to the proposed change to how Social Security's benefits are calculated -- otherwise known as Chained CPI -- because it would mean lower benefits for seniors and veterans, and would break the sacred contract we have made with the American people. President Obama said he added this proposal to his budget to bring Congressional Republicans to the table for a "grand bargain" on deficit reduction, but so far, there has been no appetite for compromise on the other side of the aisle. Social Security did not cause our budget deficit, and I urge the President to remove Chained CPI, along with the Medicare cuts, from his budget because these crucial benefits have no place as a bargaining chip in a deficit reduction deal.

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