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There is Still So Much More to Learn About Alzheimer's

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HIGGINS. Mr. Speaker, on Friday, I will participate in a symposium on dementia being sponsored by the western New York chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. This event is a reminder that, while progress has been made in understanding Alzheimer's, there is still a great deal that we must learn about how to treat this terrible illness.

Alzheimer's is a disease whose origins are unknown, but whose end is absolutely certain. It's a disease that's touched the families of many in this Chamber, including my own.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, as many as 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's disease, with its prevalence expected to increase over the next several decades.

With so many in Washington mindlessly devoted to the agenda of austerity, we must remember that our budget is not only an accounting statement, but also a statement of our values. I urge the rejection of austerity and an increase in the funding we need for medical research to find a cure for diseases like Alzheimer's that devastate so many American families.

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