On Tax Day, Congresswoman Shea-Porter Calls for Fairer Tax Code for the Middle Class


By:  Carol Shea-Porter
Date: April 15, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

On Tax Day, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter called on Congress to restore tax fairness for America's middle class families, and rejected Republican proposals to slash taxes for America's billionaires while asking the middle class to pay more.

"For too long, our tax code has provided loopholes for millionaires, corporations, and special interest groups," Shea-Porter said. "Tax Day is a time for Congress to come together and fix this injustice by creating a tax code that is fairer and benefits the middle class."

"The House Republican budget takes the opposite approach. It provides millionaires an average net tax break of $245,000, while sticking middle class families with an average tax increase of $3,000," Shea-Porter said. "I will not accept a plan that asks small businesses and the middle class to pay more without first asking America's millionaires and multi-billion-dollar corporations to pay their fair share. If we close loopholes for millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas, we can do more to strengthen the middle class, invest in America's economic future, and reduce the deficit ."

"Now is the time to restore tax fairness and keep the American Dream alive for all families," Shea-Porter said.

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