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Obama's Budget: Even More Taxes, Even Fewer Jobs


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) reviewed President Obama's proposed 2014 budget, which was delivered 65 days past the legal deadline.

"There is much that could be said about the President's budget, but I think the ordinary taxpayer should know its impact on jobs and the economy.

Economists and national accounting firms have stated the tax increases pushed through by President Obama in January have slowed the economy and contributed to a loss of 24,000 retail jobs in March, part of a dismal jobs report. When consumers have less money in their pockets, the inevitable result is fewer jobs.

You would think President Obama would have learned from this mistake, but instead, his budget contains almost $600 billion in even more new taxes. At a time when millions of Americans are simply giving up hope of finding a job and exiting the workforce, President Obama's budget will only inflict more pain on ordinary families.

Hardworking American taxpayers are struggling and are fed up with President Obama's budget gimmicks and wasteful spending. A healthy economy requires an efficient and effective government that operates by the same rules as every American family who lives within their means. Right now, Washington borrows $3.8 billion every day from China and other creditors, yet President Obama says a balanced budget is not a concern he shares. This is irresponsible.

House Republicans have passed a responsible budget that will lead to balance while preserving important safety nets like Social Security and Medicare. We can only hope the President finally wakes up to the reality that tax hikes and wasteful government spending slows the economy and kills jobs.

You balance your budget. President Obama should balance his."

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