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Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HOLT. I thank my friend and colleague from New Jersey.

Let's understand, the issue here is not about recess appointments or the Board quorum at a Federal agency or the Constitution. My Republican friends never raised this issue in hundreds of previous occurrences.

Instead, what's happening now, the majority is using this misguided bill as a platform to continue a coordinated attack on the National Labor Relations Board and on American workers.

H.R. 1120 is simply an attempt to effectively shut down the Board and deny all private sector employees their rights.

The NLRB is an independent agency which serves as the only avenue for private sector employees to bargain collectively, to file unfair labor complaints, to conduct union elections if desired.

The National Labor Relations Act stabilizes workplaces and ensures industrial peace. We must not continue these warrantless attacks on the only established avenue which brings employees to the bargaining table with their employers.

What H.R. 1120 would do is roll back the clock three-quarters of a century, to the days of brutality and humiliation, the days before the institution of the Wagner Act, the days in which workers and their families suffered indignities, strife, even bloodshed.

Having laws for orderly labor and management processes helps businesses. It helps industry. It helps citizens of all economic levels. It helps our economy.

I regret that the majority is wasting time that could be used to address the real problems facing Americans. At every town hall citizens ask me: What about jobs? What about economic growth?

But instead of helping workers raise their wages, improve workplace safety, ensure fair retirement, House Republicans continue their attack on the National Labor Relations Board and ignore the economic crisis facing American workers, and making the American Dream that much harder for Americans to achieve.

This is not about abstract worker rights. This is about a productive economy where workers and their employers can work together.


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