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McKinley on Obama's Budget: More Spending, New Taxes, Bigger Government

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Yesterday, after a delay of 65 days, President Obama released his budget which never balances and includes more spending and higher taxes.

"With close to 17 trillion in debt, the first urgent action is to get government spending under control, something that the current administration has almost no interest in doing," said Rep. McKinley. "It's disheartening to see he hasn't listened to the American people. Instead of cutting spending and balancing the budget over time, his budget delivers more of the same failed economic policies while raising taxes on hardworking Americans."

The average level of federal spending as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from the end of World War II to the present is 19.6 percent. That's according to the Heritage Foundation. In the past three years that level has exploded, reaching an estimated 27.4 percent in 2012. The size and scope of government has grown exponentially, a trend which President Obama has increased. 80 years ago under the frugal leadership of President Calvin Coolidge, total federal government spending was $3 Billion, but now this figure exceeds $3.7 Trillion--an increase of over 1,200 times.

Even as President Obama announced a budget that failed to get spending under control, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its third annual report revealing $95 Billion in wasteful spending. According to the report, GAO found examples of 162 more government duplication or other inefficiencies after analyzing programs in virtually all major federal departments and agencies over three years. The examples of waste and duplication found in the report include:

* 679 renewable energy initiatives at 23 federal agencies costing taxpayers $15 billion

* 76 programs to prevent or treat drug abuse are spread across 15 agencies, costing $4.5 billion

* Three separate federal offices oversee inspections of catfish, costing $14 million

The previous 2011-2012 GAO report revealed $200 billion in duplication and a recent Inspectors Generals Report found $67 billion in wasteful spending. "Reducing waste and duplication is the most common sense way for Congress and the White House to cut spending and bring down our deficit," added McKinley.

"When the government is spending $14 million for three separate offices to oversee the inspections of catfish, we can certainly cut this duplicity and perhaps call on the President to open the White House, once again, to the public." "Rather than closing the White House for tours or shutting down air traffic control towers, the Obama Administration could find billions in savings elsewhere," added McKinley. "The President and Congress need to get serious about cutting wasteful spending and living within our means."

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