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Cotton Responds to Passage of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Cotton (R-Dardanelle) issued the following statement in the response to passage of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The treaty aims to end the use of small arms in civil wars, acts of terrorism, organized crime, and gang warfare by encouraging other countries to adopt strict export controls on small arms similar to those already in place in the United States:

"I'm deeply troubled by the Obama administration's vote in support of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. As an original co-sponsor of a resolution opposing the Treaty, I have grave concerns with several dangerous and controversial provisions seeking to regulate the global trade of conventional armaments.

"First, I share the legitimate concern of Arkansans that many countries and international organizations don't respect our Second Amendment rights and might use the Arms Trade Treaty as a pretext to limit gun-owner's rights in the United States. Second, I fear the Arms Trade Treaty may limit the United States' freedom to support our allies by requiring a lengthy review process for all proposed arms transfers--without exception. Finally, outlaw regimes like North Korea, Syria, and Iran didn't join the treaty, meaning the world's most dangerous regimes won't be bound by it, while America--the world's most just and moral country--will be bound.

"The Senate must ratify the Arms Trade Treaty with a two-thirds majority before President Obama can implement. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to oppose the Arms Trade Treaty."

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