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Congressman Young Statement on Obama Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Alaskan Congressman Don Young issued the following statement this afternoon regarding the release of President Obama's budget for Fiscal Year 2014:

"Despite the fact that the President took two extra months to prepare a budget proposal, it appears to be more of the same tax and spend agenda we have seen from President Obama over the past four years. If it didn't work the first four times, why would it work now?

"With the presidential elections behind us, I hoped the President would work with Congress and meet us halfway, but instead, he chose to send us a budget that does little to create jobs, weakens our sputtering economy, and leaves us further in debt than when we started. This is not the leadership the American people deserve.

"As a nation, we cannot cut or spend our way to prosperity nor can we tax our way to budget surpluses. Two weeks ago, I supported a real budget which eliminates wasteful spending, reforms our tax code, strengthens Medicare, provides for our military and veterans, and does all of this and more while reducing the deficit by $4.6 trillion.

"I've always said that the President's budget proposal is simply that, a proposal. It is up to Congress to implement the budget, and I believe that the Ryan budget, which passed the House last month, is a good starting point to putting the country on a sound fiscal path for many years to come."

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