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Wagner Statement on President Obama's Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) released the following statement today in response to President Obama releasing his fiscal year 2014 budget.

"After a two month delay, President Obama finally delivered his budget to the American people. Unfortunately, the President's budget continues the same old failed policies of the past. His plan calls for more taxes and more government and never balances. The President just raised taxes on all Americans a few months ago, and no one should be talking about tax hikes during a time when our economy is still struggling and nearly a half a million people have given up hope of finding a job. While I'm encouraged that the President is willing to take small steps to reform Social Security and Medicare, he fails to protect these programs from going bankrupt for future generations. That is not only unacceptable it is un-American.

"The American people demand that Washington get its fiscal house in order with responsible reforms that put our country on a path to a balanced budget in 10 years. That's why I voted for a plan that balances our budget in ten years with smart reforms and spending reductions. The House Republican budget will cut wasteful spending, reform our broken tax code, protect and strengthen our national security, and repair our social safety net to make them stronger and sustainable for future generations.

"For the people of the 2nd District, a balanced budget means more jobs, it means a better standard of living, and it means a more secure retirement for all Americans. It's time we start lifting up and fighting for the nurses, teachers, first responders, carpenters, and shop owners and stop growing government and giving away taxpayer bailouts that only result in less money in your pocket and a mortgaging of our children's future."

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