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Congressman Cantor: Let's Set Aside Differences & Come Together On Things We Can Agree On


Location: Unknown

"Finally, the President has offered his budget to the American people. What we see inside the document is more of the same. More spending, higher taxes and more debt. Now, the Speaker talked about the fact that there are some things in the budget beyond the tax increases that, frankly, we can find some agreement on. I share the sentiment that we ought to see if we can set aside the divisiveness and come together to produce some results for the people who sent us here.

"If the President believes, as we do, that programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are on the path to bankruptcy, and that we actually can do some things to put them back on the right course and save them to protect the beneficiaries of these programs, we ought to do so. And we ought to do so without holding them hostage for more tax hikes.

"The disagreements we have in this town are well published and well known. But let's start anew and set aside these differences, and let's come together on the things that we can agree on. I think most people do that in their daily lives and expect nothing less of us here in Washington."

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