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Senate Sends Message: States Should Manage Their Own Finances


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In an overwhelming show of support for allowing states to enforce their own sales and use tax laws, the Senate voted tonight in favor of an amendment to the budget resolution offered by U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., a former mayor, state legislator, and small business owner. The amendment passed by a vote of 75-24 and reflects the policy goals of the Marketplace Fairness Act.

"Tonight's vote sends a strong message in favor of leveling the playing field for all businesses," said Enzi. "For over two decades, Congress has ignored a growing disparity between local businesses and those who operate online or out-of-state. Local businesses invest in our communities and hire locally. The sales tax they collect goes toward the schools, roads, and law enforcement in our communities. Unfortunately, those outside of the state and online are not required to collect the sales tax owed on the products they sell, even if the state they are selling in requires it. It's time we stop discriminating through the tax code and give states the right to enforce their own laws without having to get permission from Washington. I thank all of my colleagues who joined Senator Durbin, Senator Alexander, Senator Heitkamp, and me tonight and stood up for the Marketplace Fairness Act."

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