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Manchin Introduces Six Amendments to Include in 2014 Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) introduced six amendments today to include in the FY2014 Budget Resolution that underscore some of the issues that matter most to the people of West Virginia. The amendments promote energy security, deficit reduction, fiscal responsibility, prescription drug abuse and mine safety research.

"After almost two and a half years as a United States Senator, it is encouraging that Congress is finally voting to pass a budget that funds our government through the 2014 fiscal year," Senator Manchin said. "My proposed amendments focus on many of the issues that West Virginians truly care about, including making sure our miners are safe, reducing our deficit, spending our money more responsibly, moving toward energy independence, curbing the prescription drug abuse epidemic and safeguarding our national security."

The amendments are deficit-neutral, which aim to balance America's national security interests and the need to reduce our spending.

Senator Manchin's amendments focus on:

1. Domestic Energy Independence: Prevents funding that would enforce New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) regulations setting economically unattainable carbon dioxide emissions standards from new coal-fired electricity generating units. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

2. Fiscally Responsible Infrastructure Investments: Ensures that all future savings are used for deficit reduction or infrastructure investments, instead of more wasteful spending. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

3. Iranian Sanctions Loophole on Natural Gas Exports: Strengthens Iranian sanctions on natural gas exports. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

4. Prescription Drug Abuse: Addresses curbing prescription drug abuse. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

5. Mine Safety Research: Ensures sufficient funding for underground and surface coal mining safety and health research. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

6. Domestic Production of Rare Earth Metals: Reduces America's dependence on rare earth metal imports from China. This amendment is a deficit-neutral reserve fund.

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