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Kilmer Releases Report on 100 First Days

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Representative Derek Kilmer today released the following report on his first 100 days in office. Since his swearing in on January 3rd, one of Representative Kilmer's priorities was soliciting input from local families, businesses, and community leaders and setting up offices across the region to give assistance to residents who need help.

To that end, in his first 100 days in office, Representative Kilmer has:

Helped constituents receive the benefits they've earned from agencies like Medicare -- amounting to over $41,000 in benefits;

Spoke to service clubs and chambers and did Q&A sessions in Poulsbo, Tacoma, Bremerton, Port Townsend, Forks, North Mason, and on Bainbridge Island;

Held 18 "Kilmer at Your Company" events where Representative Kilmer is accessible to a business' workforce and discusses opportunities to help employers stay, grow, and succeed in our region;

Held a telephone town hall with over 10,000 participants;

Held 10 roundtable discussions on issues like economic development, mental health, small business challenges, labor, housing, and replacing the across-the-board cuts;

Held 148 meetings with constituents in Washington, DC.;

Spoke at conferences in DC of visiting Tribal leaders, regional port leaders, federal employees, and STEM advocates;

Sent six e-mail newsletters to keep his constituents informed on his work;

Passed an amendment focused on improving our cybersecurity workforce;

Spoke on the House floor in opposition to the across-the-board cuts;

Prepared to introduce legislation related to improving workforce development and protecting civilian workers at military installations;

Co-sponsored legislation dealing with strengthening the timber industry, reforming our electoral system, protecting civil rights, enhancing national security, and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act which was signed into law;

An example of a constituent that Representative Kilmer's office has helped can be found below.

Any resident of the 6th Congressional District who needs assistance with a federal department or agency, or who just have comments or questions, are encouraged to contact any of Representative Kilmer's offices. Addresses and phone numbers can be found at

"Too often it feels like government doesn't listen or isn't responsive. As our region's Representative, I want to change that. It's my job to listen and help the folks I represent and get government working for them. Fighting for every family and business in our area has been a priority from day one," said Representative Derek Kilmer. "The discussions and input I get from calls, letters, and speaking with folks face-to-face help me be an effective voice for our region when I'm back in DC and working on issues that matter like growing our region's economy and protecting the men and women who serve our nation in uniform."

The following constituent received help from Representative Kilmer's office and has agreed to share his story:

Mr. Michael Waldron

Mr. Waldron was using Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) health care coverage but found better insurance on the private market. When he tried to cancel his FEHB coverage, he was told he would have to be charged for both FEHB coverage and his private insurance for several months while they looked into the request. After Representative Kilmer's office made an inquiry to the Office of Personnel Management, they stopped double charging him and paid him back what they owed.

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