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Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on 148th Anniversary of President Lincoln's Visit to Richmond


Location: Richmond, VA

Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement on the 148th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's visit to Richmond in 1865.

"On this day, 148 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln came to Richmond to begin the process of reuniting our war-torn nation, walking the streets of the still smoldering city. Former Dinwiddie County slave, Elizabeth Keckley, returned to Virginia with President Lincoln and expressed forgiveness and conciliation saying: 'Dear old Virginia! A birthplace is always dear, no matter under what circumstances you were born.'

"Following the war, Virginia began the difficult process of healing and returning to a nation that was, in many ways, born within her borders. Places in Virginia like Manassas, Malvern Hill, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, New Market, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg will be forever linked with the indelible history of the Civil War. Many of these renowned historic sites continue to attract visitors from around the nation and the world to learn of the history of Virginia and our nation. That history, in part, led Steven Spielberg to film the Academy Award-winning feature film 'Lincoln' here in the Commonwealth. I encourage all Virginians to reflect on the significance of the reconciliation that began with Lincoln's footsteps here in Richmond, and to consider a visit to one of the many historic sites in Virginia that have been preserved for this generation."

"Richmond: A Historic Tapestry," a mini-documentary now available on the "Lincoln" DVD features some of the historic sites in Virginia that drew the film to the Commonwealth. The feature is available online at

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