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Congressman Williams' Statement on the President's Budget


Location: Unknown

Today, U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25) released the following statement after President Obama released his annual budget.

"The President's budget unsurprisingly contains his usual cast of characters -- higher taxes, more spending, and bigger government. I'm a small business owner. I know a budget when I see one, and this is not a budget…it's a joke. This administration continues promoting its flawed policies, like its budget that doesn't balance, that simply do not work. Unemployment still hovers around 8%, our nation consistently carries annual trillion dollar deficits, and business owners and families are cutting back, struggling to make ends meet.

Last month, the House passed a responsible budget that balances in 10 years, cuts wasteful spending, and fixes our broken tax code -- all without raising taxes. Americans want a plan that creates jobs and opportunity, increases competition, lowers taxes, and shrinks the government. That's what our plan does. It's smart, it's balanced, and it's right for America."

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